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When curating the new ranges for Siesta Home, we were inspired by a myriad of interior styles and trends.

With so many influences, design fusions and style references out there - it’s sometimes hard to put a finger on exactly what interior style you’re trying to describe, let alone achieve at home!

We did a little research and narrowed our design perspective to just a handful of styles that we were naturally drawn towards; mostly to ensure our ranges for Siesta Home were cohesive and curated (but also to make sure we didn’t get side tracked and go deep down the design rabbit hole…) So with our keen eyes now honed into one overarching direction, we discovered the styles that defined Siesta Home.

Here are 5 interior styles we’re inspired by right now.


Inspired by a carefree lifestyle, and the feeling of following your heart’s desire, the Bohemian style is characterized with vintage furniture, globally inspired textiles and an eclectic display of items found during one’s travels. You can glam-up this style with mid-century furniture and sparkly chandeliers because within the Bohemian style; there’s a laissez-faire attitude where anything goes as long as you love it.

This ties in well with the free-spirited nature of Siesta Home – where mixing and matching is strongly encouraged!


For those who find it hard to settle on one particular interior style (guilty as charged!) – then an eclectic style might be for you. It’s all about bringing furniture and decorating elements from a variety of periods and styles together; creating a fine line between cohesion and chaos. Start with a neutral background then work in old and new pieces together. There’s often an unexpected use of texture, materials and accessories to celebrate the contrast rather than the comparable.

This is right up our alley as it allows us to experiment with clashing prints, colours and textures!

Retro Revival

Retro interior design mixes together old styles with modern forms, or vice versa. It combines classic and timeless pieces in an eclectic mix that is full of personality. Retro Revival is punctuated with bold patterns and colours – something you would associated with the 50s, 60s and 70s. Pops of colour, fluid forms and hippy-go-lucky prints are the way to go.

We would limit the colour palette to ensure it is coherent and contemporary, without being too psychedelic. By paring back this style with a touch of minimalist – through clean pieces of furniture – you can bring relief to the space while still making a big statement.

Nomadic Tribal Luxe

Tribal-inspired interior design places an emphasis on global influences and natural materials. Layering of textures and complementary tones are a key feature of this style. It’s an eclectic interior style that’s based around a muted colour palette with accent colours to add warmth. Decorative pieces like art, Aztec rugs, fur throws and embellished cushions evoke that contemporary, tribal and nomadic feeling. To infuse another layer of luxe, glitzier materials can be chosen to give the overall look an edgier design vibe.

Mid-Century Modern Glam

Mid-Century has a little retro nostalgia vibe, with some elements of minimalism thrown in the mix. It’s fuss-free and emphasizes on pared down forms, organic shapes and simple fabrications. Mix this up with a little Hollywood Glam and you have a luxurious, understated opulence that celebrates the gorgeousness that is velvet.

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